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"I hope, by incorporating this independent non-profit organization with no political or religious preferences and networking entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business angels, socialpreneurs, incubators, instructors and students of entrepreneurship and creativity as well as anyone who is passionate about entrepreneurship, we can take the first steps in achieving our vision and mission, which ends up to creation of wealth and social capital."
Jalil Samad Aghaei PhD

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Entrepreneurship is not yet recognized as a school (ism), or life style, even in United States which is known as the origin of scientific entrepreneurship in the world. We believe that, we can't introduce and promote school of entrepreneurship only by theorizing, simultaneously, we should entrepreneurize and renew different aspects of entrepreneurship by entrepreneurial behavior and life style approach. In other words, we should "entrepreneurize entrepreneurship".


As business leaders strive for increased competitiveness, creating an entrepreneurial culture has become an important advantage. The term applies to individuals, teams, and entire organizational cultures. An entrepreneurial culture is what many companies hope for. Together let's spread and empower this global culture.

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